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Father & Son Project – Fixing Our TR7 V8

Colin and Eddie, the father-son duo, take us on a journey through the history and current state of their beloved Triumph TR7 V8. The video begins with a brief history lesson from Colin, who shares the car’s origins and his personal experiences with it. 

The TR7 was initially launched with a two-liter four-cylinder engine, but in 1978, the TR8 came with a more powerful three-and-a-half-liter Rover V8. However, Colin and Eddie’s car boasts a 4.6-liter fuel-injected Rover V8 from 1996, which should be faster, better, and more reliable. But as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and in this case, great puddles of oil on the garage floor.

The duo then moves on to the video’s main focus: their extensive list of issues to fix. Armed with a whiteboard and determination, Colin and Eddie go around the car, identifying every problem that needs to be addressed. The result? A daunting list of tasks that would make even the most seasoned car enthusiast shudder.

Throughout the video, Colin and Eddie’s lighthearted approach to their project make for an entertaining and engaging watch. So if you’re a fan of classic cars, DIY projects, or just enjoy watching a father and son team

TR7 Current TODO List - Feb 22, 2023