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Mistakes We Made Installing a Twin Busch TW S3-10 E Scissor Lift

Colin and Eddie, the dynamic father-son duo, attempt to install a Twin Busch TW S3-10 E Scissor Lift in their garage. The episode begins with a delivery from a yellow truck and quickly turns into a series of hilarious mishaps and challenges. 

Throughout the video, Colin and Eddie face numerous obstacles, from a damaged crate to a screw-up (pun intended) during the installation process. Despite their best efforts, they struggle to fit the wiring into the control box, even after consulting with Dan from Twin Busch. But will they manage to get the lift working and successfully raise the TR7 off the ground?

The video is filled with humorous moments between Colin and Eddie, making it a fun and entertaining watch. So if you’re a fan of classic cars, DIY projects, or just enjoy watching a father and son team work together to overcome challenges, be sure to check out the “Tartan Triumph” YouTube channel and subscribe for more content.