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Removing Front Suspension – Learning by Doing

In this episode of “Tartan Triumph,” the dynamic duo of Colin and Eddie once again proved that restoring a classic Triumph TR7 isn’t as easy as one might think. This week, they set out to remove the front suspension, which seemed to be a straightforward task. But as all good DIY stories go, nothing ever goes according to plan.
The video starts with a brief introduction from Eddie, who explains the goal for the day: removing the front suspension to replace all the decaying bushings. Sounds simple, right? Well, the TR7 had other plans.
The first step was to remove the anti-roll bar, which required the removal of four nuts, bolts, and washers. Eddie and Colin quickly discovered that the bolts were not in the mood to cooperate. The duo tried various tools and techniques to loosen the stubborn bolts, but it was clear that the TR7 was putting up a fight.
Eddie’s side of the anti-roll bar came off relatively easily, but Colin’s side proved to be more difficult. The bolt was so tight that it required a breaker bar to loosen it. Eddie joked that he was getting “airtime” as he applied so much force to the bar.
After much struggle, the anti-roll bar was finally removed. But the TR7 wasn’t done with them yet. The next task was to remove the control arm bushings, which required a bit of finesse and a lot of patience. Eddie and Colin tried various methods to remove the bushings, including using a crowbar and a jack, but the stubborn bushings refused to budge.
Eventually, the duo managed to remove the control arm bushings, but not without a few hiccups along the way. Eddie’s side came off relatively easily, but Colin’s side required a bit more effort. In the end, they managed to remove the suspension, but not without a few bumps and bruises.
Despite the challenges they faced, Eddie and Colin never lost their sense of humor. Throughout the video, they joked and laughed as they worked, making the restoration process seem like a fun father-son bonding experience.
So, if you’re in the mood for some DIY entertainment with a side of humor, be sure to check out the video above and follow along with Eddie and Colin as they restore their classic Triumph TR7. Who knows what challenges they’ll face next?