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Removing Stuck Rear Suspension – & Showing It Who’s Boss

Colin and Eddie set out to remove the rear suspension of their classic Triumph TR7 car. As expected, the father-son duo faced a series of challenges that tested their patience, creativity, and teamwork.
The first step in removing the rear suspension was to take off the anti-roll bar. This task proved to be relatively straightforward, with Eddie and Colin working together to loosen the bolts and remove the bar. However, things took a turn for the worse when they encountered the first obstacle: a stubborn bolt on the left trailing arm.
Despite their best efforts, the bolt refused to budge. The duo tried various tools and techniques, including using an impact wrench and a hacksaw, but nothing seemed to work. The bolt was so stuck that it caused some damage to the car during the removal process.
The struggle continued with other parts of the suspension, as the TR7 seemed to be putting up a fight at every turn. Eddie and Colin had to get creative and use unconventional methods to remove the stuck bolts, including using a flat head screwdriver to cut through the bolt.
After days of hard work and determination, Eddie and Colin finally managed to remove the rear suspension. The process was far from easy, but the duo never lost their sense of humor and determination. They joked and laughed their way through the challenges, proving that DIY projects can be both fun and frustrating.
So, if you’re in the mood for some DIY entertainment with a side of humor, be sure to check out “Tartan Triumph” and follow along with Eddie and Colin as they restore their classic Triumph TR7. Who knows what challenges they’ll face next?